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Multi-volume Storage Environment

3c5t.jpg RoSE_STEM can manage multi volume storage environments. These currently include the Exabyte EXB series of tape Robots, the StorageTek Silos and standard Stratus 3480 and DAT stackers. These tape management environments are ideal for use in data centres where backups are to be performed in an automatic fashion. RoSE_STEM will instruct the tape handling system to mount and dismount tapes as required.

RoSE_STEM ensures that the Stratus operating system views these tape handling systems as standard tape devices. Each of the above mentioned storage systems employ different techniques when managing tape volumes. RoSE_STEM will cater for the various techniques employed, identifying the requirements transparently and providing a standard interface to the tape environment.

  • Rapid, automatic restoration of saved objects by name and date
  • Accurate and timely location of exactly when and to which volumes, files and directories have been written.
  • Multiple tape pools, which can be specific to single modules or global to the whole installation.
  • Automatic allocation of free volumes from the volumes database, eliminating costly overwrite errors.
  • Tape maintenance: cleaning cycles, even use of tapes, on site/off-site locations.

Operator Interface

RoSE_STEM reduces the involvement of operators to the physical mounting and dismounting of tapes. The saving on manual maintenance of tape cycles, file recovery and operator training can be enormous.
  • A Tape Operator facility allows the physical mounting and dismounting of tapes to be separated from the function of requesting backups and other tape writes. This facility can be used within a Data Centre environment or by individual users.

  • A User Database is maintained allowing all these functions to be selectively enabled or disabled for particular users or user groups.
  • A full audit trail is maintained to provide total accountability to all tape and tape library operations.

User Interface

RoSE_STEM provides a super-set of tape commands to make the operation of tape functions easier and much more reliable:

  • A command subsystem enables the execution of "save", "restore", "write_tape", "read_tape" etc within a self-contained environment.
  • Support for a Tape Job Database of often performed tape jobs enables non-trivial "saves" to be executed by simple single-line commands.
  • Supports multiple saves to a single volume, even multi saves from a single command. This is highly desirable when using high capacity tape devices since it reduces restoration time.