Real-time Software Engineering Limited

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RoSE_CARE Overview 




  • Builds complete software systems automatically
  • Supports the checking-out and checking-in of software
  • Controls multiple versions of any software module
  • Maintains a full history of software changes and the ability to revert to previous versions
  • Has an automatically maintained database containing full dependency and version control information
  • Maintains the processing required for each software module e.g. compiling, binding
  • Supports ALL Stratus language compilers and building utilities
  • Supports multi-stage production environments e.g. development, integration, testing and live systems
  • Maintains variants of any software system (branching)
  • Provides a large range of utilities designed to help in the task of software development
  • Operates in batch and interactive modes.
  • Maintains absolute integrity of the software at all times
  • Reduces software upgrade time significantly
  • Makes installing new software releases efficient and reliable
  • Rebuilds only, but all of, the necessary software
  • Supports a complete audit log of release activity which is always available for interrogation
  • Utilises multiple processes to build software, optimising the time for the building
  • Minimises the risk of using incorrect source versions
  • Manages software migration throughout the whole development cycle