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RoSE_PC Interface

guage.jpg RoSE_BUD can distribute performance data directly to the RoSE_PC Interface in real-time. The RoSE_PC interface can present performance data pictorially by graphs, gauges and dials.

Network Managers

RoSE_BUD can be configured to transfer any or all of its performance data in real-time to multiple SNMP managers, such as HP Openview™ or SUN Net Manager™ , transparently, with the utilization of RoSE_SNIP. RoSE_SNIP is a fully extensible SNMP agent. RoSE_BUD can similarly send performance data to Netview on an IBM host.

Real-time Excel Interface

bullet RoSE_BUD can transfer performance data directly into Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets and graphs in real-time.

Sample screens

Microsoft Excel with its built-in graphics and database capabilities is one of the most powerful spreadsheet packages available. With the ability to manipulate metered data in a spreadsheet environment, you can create your own virtual performance model.

RoSE_BUD passes real-time performance data and/or historical values into Excel™ spreadsheets so you can manipulate the data in a way that is relevant to your environment.

bullet RoSE_BUD's comprehensive reporting feature allows you to customise your reports, and eliminates the wasteful time and effort it takes to wade through irrelevant data. With a myriad of data, reporting performance data is a challenge and often under rated in its importance. Without meaningful reports that are easily understood, interpreting the performance data correctly becomes elusive.
Other spreadsheet interfaces are supported from RoSE_BUD as it can produce data in 'comma separated value' (CSV) and machine readable formats. Most packages will accept data in one of these formats, such as Lotus 1 2 3™ and SAS™ on a mainframe. This will enable you to utilise the analysis package that you are familiar with.

Performance Data

Each resource being measured can be recorded over multiple timeframes at which point the maximum, minimum and average values are stored.
  • the module as a whole
  • physical and logical disk drives
  • processes and groups of processes
  • disk files and directories
  • memory, including wired memory and working sets
  • inter-process queues
  • events or groups of events
  • communication devices
  • application systems and subsystems
  • Ethernet, Token Ring and X25 Networks


spanner.jpg As well as monitoring the performance of your system, RoSE_BUD supports a comprehensive multi-level threshold system allowing automatic response to abnormal conditions.

This powerful facility gives you much more than passive monitoring, it allows you to take predetermined rectification actions, such that you can avert crises occurring e.g.:

  • when your system is running out of disk capacity, automatically delete historic log files
  • when your system is running at an unacceptably high CPU utilisation, stop all non-essential processes

Threshold violations can cause

  • notifications to specified users, via pagers, email, RoSE_PC Interface, Network Managers
  • highlighted displays
  • active or passive rectification commands to be automatically executed
Continuous Monitoring quantifies system capacity and resource utilisation and identifies performance trends.
Thresholds notify users and initiate corrective or analytical action if an abnormal condition occurs.
Excel Spreadsheet Interface transfers performance data for real-time analysis and reporting
Customised Reporting avoids wading through irrelevant numbers. Only report the data you want.